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Share the Food, Share the Love
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Social and Economic Development

Gender Equality

As the first event of our seasonal charitable giving series, ATFC is glad to announce our “Share Food, Share Love” campaign. With the sharing spirit of Holy Ramadan, this campaign will target the families in need of grocery supplies in Turkey. With the efforts of our members and cooperating with Maltepe Yardimlasma ve Dayanisma Dernegi (Maltepe Association of Cooperation and Solidarity),  individually prepared food boxes will be distributed directly to the struggling families.  


One hundred percent of donations made towards this campaign will be used to support the families in need. With your help we can reach out to hundreds of families and offer our help for their urgent need for essential food supplies. For every $35.00 donated until April 11th, a family in need will receive one of our food boxes.

Ramadan Feast Box

Rice 1 Kg

Red Lentil 1 Kg

Chickpeas 1 Kg

Bulghur 1 Kg

Sunflower Oil 1 L

Pasta 500 G

Penne Pasta 500 G

Spaghetti Pasta  500 G

Tomato Taste 830 G

Flour 1 Kg

Tea 500 G

Sugar 1 Kg

Sugar cubes 750 G

Salt 750 G

Chicken noodle soup 51 G

Chicken Broth 60 Gr

Semolina 500 G

Black Olives 200 G

Canned Peas 700 G

Canned Beans 700 G

Raspberry Jam 380 G

Honey 240 G

Turkish Coffee 100 G

Pepper flakes 70 G

Mint 25 G

Oregano 25 G

Coca-Cola 1 L

Sprite 1 L

Orange Drink 1 L

Kemalpaşa Desert 140 G

Chocolate Pudding 100 G


Social and Economic Development

Gender Equality

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